moving and freight transportation is a meeting place for freight carriers and movers who offer freight transportation services or moving services and customers who are looking for a cheaper freight carrier or movers.

Most frequently asked questions

Create an account Carrier or mover to be able to :

  • Post a carrier ad.
  • Participate in the Auctions and send my quotes (In the case of Auction announcements).
  • Send my Interests (In the case of Classified ad).
  • Contact customers who are looking for freight carriers or movers.

Create an account Advertiser to be able to :

  • Post an auction ad (No obligation) and let the movers compete to make you offers. At the end of the auction deadline, you can choose and hire the cheapest mover by assigning them the transportation of your moving project.
  • Post a Classified ad. At the end of the announcement period, you can arrange with a carrier or a mover of your choice.
  • Request a free quote (without obligation) from several carriers and movers at the same time.

In an Auction Announcement : the advertiser does not define any amount of transport, it is the carriers and the movers who compete to offer it cheaper quotes and once the auction deadline is over, the advertiser will choose the carrier who gave the cheapest quote.
In a Classified Ad : the advertiser defines beforehand an amount that he is ready to pay for the transport of his goods or for his moving, and carriers and movers express interest in this announcement if they accept the defined amount. Once the announcement period is over, the advertiser may choose a carrier or a mover from among the carriers interested in its ad.

Just go to the section Get a quote then filter the list of carriers and movers by region to have the list of carriers and movers in your area, then fill in the information for your request, the freight carriers and movers will receive your quote request in about an hour and they will send you their quotes. Afterwards, if you are interested in a particular quote, you can contact the transporter or mover to finalize the transportation service.

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