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Transport d'un ponton
transport ponton. Probablement du club nautique de Salaberry de valleyfiel ou de St-Zotique (514) 730-9736
Load details
Category: Véhicule
Quantity: nd Piece(s)
Length: 21 pieds ft
Width: 8 pi 6 po ft
Height: 4 pieds ft
Weight: 1800 lb lbs
Published by: frank514
Deadline: 2020-06-26
Pick up location
moving companies j0p1z0
Delivery Location
move J1X 3L2
Remaining time
Itinerary and travel time
List of quotes received
Out of 4 carriers contacted, 1 replied
25 %
Quote By
****CAD Edgar_23
No reply received martelbenoit452
No reply received Durelle29
No reply received Stevedion2
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